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Create Closer Relationships

Together we got this.

Gay Therapist NYC | LGBTQIA+ Teletherapy

I help lgbtqia+ clients in their 20s & 30s understand relationships and build closer, more loving connections.

Are you feeling alone? Need to feel heard and understood? Stuck in the same old relationship patterns? Want to deepen your communication? Many of us have blocks to feeling close with others. In a cis-hetero-patriarchal world, many of us have survived interpersonal trauma. But healing is possible. Together we got this. Now, let's get to work.


All genders and sexual orientations are warmly welcome.

I identify as gay, and that experience of otherness has always informed my therapy practice and my stance as a clinician. An anti-oppressive lens is central to my work.

If you want to better understand your relational patterns, you're in the right place. Therapy with me will help you feel closer and safer with people, especially the people you love. You can flourish in your relationships, and I'd love to help you get there.

Message me to schedule a complimentary phone consultation. All clients in New York State are eligible to be seen via telehealth.


The Importance of Identities

We all bring our identities into the therapy space. In order for us to have an authentic connection in our work together, it's important to acknowledge our intersectional identities. I've worked with clients across the wide spectrum of races, cultures, ethnicities, immigration statuses, sexualities, relational styles, and religious beliefs. I make space for conversations about identity, privilege, and power in our work together. All are welcome.

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