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EMDR Therapy

for Interpersonal Trauma

Can EMDR help you?

Message me to schedule a free consultation.

Gay Therapist NYC | EMDR for Interpersonal Trauma | Chronic Pain Therapist

I help lgbtqia+ clients in their 20s and 30s   
  build closer relationships,
  process traumas,
  and live with greater ease and freedom.


Does your inner conflict affect your relationships? Is anxiety making it difficult to form relationships? Is it hard for you to trust? Maybe you want more loving connections, but you're stuck feeling lonely and isolated. That’s okay. In a cis-hetero-patriarchal world, many of us have survived interpersonal trauma. And together, we can handle that. I have a gentle, compassionate approach. I combine psychodynamic talk therapy with EMDR to help you work through your past and create more secure connections now.


EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is a rigorously researched treatment proven to help people. It can help you too.


All genders and sexual orientations are warmly welcome. I identify as gay, and that experience of otherness has always informed my sensitivity as a clinician. An anti-oppressive lens is central to my work.

If you want to improve your relationships, you’re in the right place. Therapy with me will help you feel closer and safer with people, especially the people you love. Message me to schedule a complimentary phone consultation and we can get started.


Chronic Pain Patients: I also practice emotionally- and psychologically-based treatment for chronic pain. Let's connect.

For more visit:


All clients in New York State are eligible to be seen via telehealth.

The Importance of Identities

We all bring our identities into the therapy space. In order for us to have an authentic connection in our work together, it's important to acknowledge our intersectional identities. I've worked with clients across the wide spectrum of races, cultures, ethnicities, immigration statuses, sexualities, gender identities, relational styles, and religious beliefs. I make space for conversations about identity, privilege, and power in our work together. All are welcome.

About Me

Make the World Less Traumatizing
Ocean Breathing
That's The Thing About Teletherapy

Sean Hershey (he, him, his)

Gay Therapist NYC | EMDR for Interpersonal Trauma | Chronic Pain Therapist

Psychotherapist Serving New York City & New York State

I love meeting people and connecting beneath the surface. I'm a naturally curious and relationally-oriented person, which is why I'm looking forward to getting to know you.

I have a Master's in Social Work and am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Over my career, I’ve practiced at a hospital-based clinic, in federally qualified health centers, in high school-based clinics, and in community clinics. I work from a psychodynamic framework and use EMDR therapy, attachment theory, object relations, CBT, motivational interviewing, solution-focused, and trauma-informed interventions.


Individual Psychotherapy: Logistics & Fees

Weekly individual appointments are 45 minutes in length and take place online via telehealth. This means you get to choose any comfortable space for your therapy sessions. The only strict rule is that clients must be in New York State during sessions due to licensing guidelines. Appointments are scheduled in a weekly slot that'll repeat each week until you're ready to be done.

Weekly psychotherapy sessions are $200. A sliding fee scale is available on a limited basis. If you're interested in the sliding scale, please contact me and we'll determine your fee.

Reach out for a consultation and we can get started.

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